moded means: This term is derived from “demoted.” This is used to make it worse when someone is proven to be wrong or to draw more attention to an incorrect assumption or verbal gaffe. Another way to say “Dude! You’ve been demoted.” This is often used as a means of deflating the “modees” and self-aggrandizing the “moder.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamison Levy)

What else does moded mean?

  • The word “embarassed” is best used when someone has been proven wrong. This word is appropriate when someone is proven incorrect in an embarrassing manner. This is also a good time to use it in a fight of insults, when someone has a better response to an initial attack. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Cano)
  • After someone has been proven wrong, a word is used to place them in their shoes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Guzman)