Moah means: A person who can be mean to you and with whom you don’t want to be best friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Callie Sullivan)

What else does Moah mean?

  • Moah, a gorgeous girl deserves all the praise. She is simply stunning, and she’s better than any other girl. You will be blown away by her and she is sure to impress all of the men. Moahs can be the best, and I wish I had one. Perfect, stunning and better than Heather. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giovani Walsh)
  • Moah: exclamation. A dismay expression that is usually directed towards a close family member or son for an irritating or annoying habit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alvin Callahan)
  • It is used to describe feelings of happiness, anger, excitement, or confusion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lance Foster)
  • A name that is exotic for an attractive, sexy man with big penis. He is a party guy, and he loves girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Núñez)
  • This is the Mother of all Hangovers. The most horrible hangover that you could ever have. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mauricio Mendez)
  • Moaning is a sound that sounds like you are moaning. A sound of moaning that expresses disapproval for someone else’s words, especially if the criticism is directed at you or your opinion. You can also express your appreciation for something in a positive manner. It is most commonly used for internet relay chat. However, it can be used under other circumstances. It can also be used in irony to ridicule those who use it constantly. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aubrey Valenzuela)