Mississippi Mudslide means: Anal is performed by two gay men suffering from diarrhea. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lyric Berry)

What else does Mississippi Mudslide mean?

  • This is when the man begins to rub his sexhole on the lady’s face, until there is nothing but a dark streak between her chin and her forehead. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carlos David)
  • A male inserts his penis in a female’s anal cavity and proceeds to urinate within her. The result is disgusting and stale sewage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madisyn Hutchinson)
  • Aka Santers stocking ……. Unfeasonably large urine only produced by a fat panting man or skilled arse bandit. After flushing, the poo is usually left in the bowl and looks like a crumbled hillside. Rarely, it may look dirty from xmas stockings. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stella Chan)
  • You freeze a piece of shit by putting it in a condom. Then, you can use the shit as a dildo. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailee Rice)
  • This is what happens when your diarrhea causes you to irritate your partner by dumping your watery stool all over them. It is characterized by a slippery appearance due to diarrhea. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pablo Mckenzie)
  • After a Cleveland Steamer, a Mississippi Mudslide follows. Take a look at a girl’s chest and then use the Cleveland Steamer to get a titty fuck. This is often followed by a Chocolate Covered Vanilla Popsicle rising up into the girl’s mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eusebio Delgado)