Missage means: You can score points in many different ways. (in Community Dictionary, added by Franklin Hurley)

What else does Missage mean?

  • Missage refers to the phenomenon of not receiving a message, even though it has been marked as read. It happens when you don’t receive a text or phone call and you can’t remember how it was missed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Typhoon)
  • This is a scale that shows how much you love or miss someone. Zeronullnomissage means that you don’t miss someone, or are indifferent to them. High missage, or LoadsMasses, is when you are so indifferent to someone’s presence, you feel a terrible loss and you wish that they were there with you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Crapkin)
  • It is that feeling when all you have ever loved and worked for suddenly disappears. This feeling consumes everything you think about. You have no time to live and you are always short of breath. The pain you feel in your heartbeats is only temporary. You spend every second of your day thinking about where you failed, how you could have made things better, and why you find yourself in such difficult situations. As if there is nothing left, the miss factor sets in and slowly takes over your entire being. You will soon lose touch with what you love most. You have now entered the new world of despair. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coulter)
  • Missage refers to a few rings that are given by the caller in order to send a message hintclue to the person being called. Callers are expected to return the calls and they should not answer them. This is commonly known as “giving the missed call”. It is, for example, giving a missed call so the other party can keep your number. Missed Call is an acronym that stands for missed calls and messages. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Waters)