minxy means: Hot malefemale that grabs you attention. A woman who is a “minx”. A saucy, exciting charachter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Borja Romero)

What else does minxy mean?

  • A word that Miss Hannah Minx created, an internet personality. It’s a descriptive adjective that describes Miss Hannah Minx’s interests. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Santos)
  • Adj. Foxy. Female, badass behavior and appearances. A foxy woman may wear fishnets with a red scarf and long red socks, but a more sexy lady might be wearing the same attire except that she is reading “helltown”, a book about homeless cowboys. Cough cough, epoch. Minxy can also refer to not getting enough sleep or sex and not having enough love, but true minxes will seem to have too many of these things. Sometimes men are just too sexy. But that doesn’t mean they are skeevy. Minxy men prefer leather. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángel Cabrera)
  • Adj. Official term used by Miss Hannah Minx (YouTube personality) to describe the awesomeness that is her meowfully minxy universe. For examples, see her YouTube video “What is Minxy”. Minxy can be used to refer to anything Japanese and cute. It is very different to the cute and childish Japanese kawaii style. Hello Kitty, for example, is adorable but too childish to be called Minxy. Pink isn’t the Minxiest Color. The least popular color is red, closely followed by turquoise blueteal. Minxy girls love to laugh at the world around them and to enjoy the many strange, tasty, and meowful experiences that the world has to offer. =.=. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Leach)