Minocracy means: A social system where one or more minority groups set the rules and dictates them to the rest. This is unlike Totalitarianism and Marxism or Communism. It has many people who share ideological power over the majority of those in disagreement, fearing being labeled Politically Incorrect, Xenophobic Xenophobic Xenophobic Anti-Semitic, Anti-Islam etc. Minocratic systems are those where minorities have more power and influence than the rest of the population. It doesn’t matter if the Minocratic ideassideals are correct, true or relevant. What matters is that they will not tolerate any other ideas. Minocratic systems are a threat to freedom of speech, free will, and choice. This is because, unlike true Democracy, where men have equal rights and can voice their opinions freely, Minocracies try to discredit these basic principles and mold our thoughts and feelings about the world in order to fit their agenda. Guilt is a common method of manipulating Minocratic groups. (in Community Dictionary, added by Honorio Benítez)