Mindless Behavior means: American boy group formed in 2008, and their debut single was released in 2010. Their first single was released in 2010. They have had their albums chart at the top of Billboard’s charts twice. Their documentary, “All Around The World”, was also released early 2013. Bad Behavior is the other film that they own. Princeton Jacob Emmanuel Perez, a mainly Mexican-American member of the group, was born April 21st 1996. He is a punk rocker and misfit. Ray 2wice Ray Rayan Lopez, born January 6, 1996 is the prettier boy. He is also more poetical and artistic. Roc Royal Chresanto Romalo Lorenzo August, born July 23, 1997, is the rebellious and more bad-boy type. EJ Elijah is a new singer who was featured on Kidz Bop before MB. The original singer was Prodigy Craig Damion Crippin Jr., who was an enthusiastic and chill member. The boys have many talents, including rapping and drawing as well as acting and fashion. Their clothing line is Outsiders Ink 2wice Couture. They all have tattoos or piercings. There are many friends from all walks of life. Twitter: MindlessBhavior peacepunkPrince fashionable2wice Royal3r Iamelijahj Instagram MindlessBhavior princemisfit doublerbandz (in Community Dictionary, added by Basileo Gallego)

What else does Mindless Behavior mean?

  • Mindless Behavior, an African American boy group was established in 2014. Princeton- Afrocurly Hair Ray Ray- Two braids Prodigy was a blond, shaved-headed member of the group who left on September 28th. EJ- The replacement for Prodigy’s shaved head…nothing truly interesting yet Walter Millsap, Keisha Gamble and Keisha Gamble created the boy group. While I love One Direction and do not have anything against them or their fan base, there are many positive aspects to Mindless Behavior. One Direction does not have the ability to dance like Mindless Behavior. One Direction has a larger fan base, which makes them more powerful fan base-wise. Although Mindless Behavior appeals to African Americans, I think it is just as popular with the rest of us. (in Community Dictionary, added by Windbag)
  • A boy group from America that has performed alongside other artists such as Janet Jackson and the Backstreet Boys. The boys go by the name of Prodigy (Roc Royal), Ray Ray, Ray Ray, and Princeton. Prodigy is most well-known as his lead singer. He is also known for being inspired by Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and others. Prodigy is a mature, old-soulhumble person with a great outlook. The group’s rapper is Roc Royal or “Double R”. His music is urban, new-agey and has a touch of “thug”. His personality, however, is outgoing and goofy. Ray Ray is known by many nicknames, including “Ray 2wice”, “Dr.Loon”, and “Ray 2wice”. He’s the group’s rappersinger. His personality is both artistic and direct. Ray enjoys sharing his ideas about art and expressing himself through poetry and fashion. Princeton Princeton is also known for his distinctive afro. He is also the Narrator of Mindless Behavior. Sometimes he sings as well. His most beloved inspirations include Andy Warhol and Prince, John Lennon and John Lennon. Princeton is a loving and enthusiastic person. He loves fashion, and spreading peace and love in every way possible. Each 34 member of MB owns their clothing line. Ostrch Clothing, Prodigy. Ray Ray, APEX 2wice. Princeton, Outsiders Ink. Mindless Behavior headlined the tours of their album “1 Girl” (and “All Around The World”), with many more planned. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luis Harvey)
  • Four young men who are truly remarkable. They are most well-known for their roles in Prodigy Roc Royal Roc RayRay & Princeton. They are Fine as Hell and Should NEVER Wear Shirts. They have an album called “1 girl” so get it or you’re a quer. They believe that all girls can be beautiful. Even if you’re ugly, they believe that all girls are beautiful. As long as you are confident, your pretty. They are all freaks, even though they appear innocent. If you want to learn more, GOOGLE IT. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gracelyn Porter)
  • An ensemble of fine, talented boys who can dance and sing. Princeton means the boy with curly hair, rayray the one who has braids and roc royal the one who has a puff. Prodigy is the man with the mohawk. THEY WILL TAKE THE WORLD OVER WITH THEIR SWAG. MBTakeover. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucas Sáez)