Midnight Ramblers means: 1 The Midnight Ramblers, an all-male a cappella ensemble founded in 1998 at Rochester’s Welles Brown Room. 2 An entire flock of singing, sexy men that can sometimes make closeted males and girls faint at the sight of them. A single form of this bird, called the Rambler is known to produce heavy breathing and lustful eyes when entering a room with a distance of less than 6.7 feet. This can also cause fainting similar to the symptoms experienced by those who live within one mile of them during practice hours. People who find it strangely appealing are often the ones that pursue this form. Loved by damsels who are in distress, or any other kind of woman. Synonyms for: Sex Beasts and Singing Gods. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gwendolyn Campos)