Mental Rolodex means: This term is derived from the manual revolving index of names that was kept on people’s desks between the 1970s and the advent of smartphones. A person’s ability to keep a mental scene or picture of a encounter with a female to later recreate, re-adapt or fabricate into sexual scenes in their mind is known as the “Mental Rolodex”. This can lead to masturbatory orgasm. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Walker)

What else does Mental Rolodex mean?

  • An assortment of events from the past that a woman will resort to against her man during an argument to try to make him feel as sexy as possible. Even though most of the above events are irrelevant and do not apply to current conversations, (in Community Dictionary, added by Alvin Callahan)
  • You can “store” your memories when you are hurt by a friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snollygoster)