Menimism means: It was dumb that a boy, who had been triggered by feministism and the right of females to be emphasized more than the male rights, did such a thing. This is the one thing that my boys can say. (in Community Dictionary, added by Waylon Collins)

What else does Menimism mean?

  • Feminists find offensive the word. Men’s joke that created fake situations where they weren’t equal. However, this word can be used to make an argument if there is a compelling reason. Another example is when women accuse men falsely of rape and sexual assault, then they go to jail. This is quite rare, however. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Dougherty)
  • This satire is against the minority of feminists that think that all white men conspire against them. It ignores the fact there is only one male rape center in the world. And that men spend much longer in prison than women for the same crime. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristian Ruiz)
  • An opposition to the gender equality movement known as feminism. While men claim to be advocates for their rights, they fail to act because they’re too busy harassing and complaining about feminists. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oviferous)