Meggle means: Meggle, a German cheese and delicatessen company, primarily deals in cheese products. Meggle also has a nickname from ‘Megan,’ which is an incredibly popular name in Europe, and some parts of Korea. In Berkina Faso’s native language, “Meggle” also refers to perfection. It is a South East African region. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathaly Randall)

What else does Meggle mean?

  • One of the rarest species or races native to North America. These Meggles, who are thought to be descended from Dauphin Island in Alabama, may seem insane. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyla Mcintyre)
  • Achieving a desirable object by trickery, theft, or deceit in order to satisfy a basic desire. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dorian Harrell)