Medigan means: Obsessive Italians use the term “non-italian” to describe someone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mallory Copeland)

What else does Medigan mean?

  • A joke combined with several Italian words. The contraction of “merda”, an italian word meaning “shit” and the prepositions “di”of, “cane”dog which means “shit” in Italian. However, the term “Americano” sounds very similar to “shit” in italic. It is the Italian term “Americano”, which means “American”, but it’s pronounced “mericane” in southern Italy. This word sounds very similar to “merda di dog”, meaning “shit of dog”. The joke was used by early immigrants to Italy to describe the American food brought into their home from America. American food at that time was quite different from Italian cuisine, which is why they called it “dog’s sh*t” in Italian. The word American means “shit of dog”, and in Italian the term “Americano” sounds similar to the words “merd di cane”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Martín Guerrero)
  • The Italian word “merde di canne”, which is a contraction, means “dog shit.” Literally, “shit dog”, this term was originally used to refer to non-Italians by Italian immigrants. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tori Gay)
  • It is actually spelled Americano, which refers to white non-ethnic people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brayden Trujillo)