Med means: The abbreviation for Mediterranean. Also known as The Med. (in Community Dictionary, added by Álvaro Herrera)

What else does Med mean?

  • The suffix -med can be added to the end of objects’ or peoples namesnicknames. You can speak it, but only Jackmed and the ultimate Youmed King can accept you. If they have been on previous meds, some may only be half-med. However, it’s possible to attain full med-manship by doing something extraordinary or if Jackmed or Youmed feel particularly happy or like you. If you request to become a medical med, it is likely that they will not accept your application. A proper med doesn’t have to ask for permission to do so. All meds can talk about med-ly subjects with one another, such as FIFA. Even though not everyone is a med, the group of meds are close and supportive each other in difficult situations. They can’t be as cool, so some people envy their meds. But they have to live with it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)
  • Mediterranean peoples, such as those from Spain, Italy and Greece, are often called “mediterranean” in these countries. This may also be used to denote a wog, or dago. It is often used in conjunction with the term “euro boy”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elías Hernández)
  • The medication, or the dosage of it. (in AZ Dictionary)