MDLR means: Spanish LMAO is another translation of LMAO, meaning “meandome de la risa”. It’s less crude than CDLR that means “cagandome de la risa”. Other variations include MMDLR or “meo de la risa”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailee Lane)

What else does MDLR mean?

  • Mec de la Rue is a term that means “boy from street”. It’s used to describe excluded teenagers. Although they believe they are part of a “gang”, they spend most of their time drinking on the streets and selling drugs. The term “Morad”, a trap artist, was born in Morocco but grew up in France. He explains the meaning of this expression in his song, “MORAD-M.D.L.R”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovan Fuller)