Matriculate means: Verb: To enroll in a group, especially a university or college. It sounds a little dirty so you can use it on fat dumb people who were wearing tshirts. Also, they need to know what the word means because their dumbness prevents them from enrolling in college. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyla Barber)

What else does Matriculate mean?

  • This term was originally coined by Hank Stram (coach of the Kansas City Chiefs) during Superbowl IV. It describes the ability to gain yards consistently and move the ball down the field in opposition to a defense. A variety of sports anchors now use the term when reviewing highlights from football. (in Community Dictionary, added by Felicity Knapp)
  • It is a fancy term that can be used to sound smarter in high-stakes situations. The actual definition of the word is not relevant. Use it confidently and you will earn instant respect from friends and coworkers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miah Harrison)
  • Acceptance or admission into a group of people, particularly a college or university. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A student admitted to a university or college. (in AZ Dictionary)