masturbate means: Sexual pleasure. Masturbate. (in Community Dictionary, added by CybersubBosh)

What else does masturbate mean?

  • For sexual pleasure, stimulate one’s genitals. To give someone sexual pleasure, stimulate their genitals. To make your self feel good, tingly, and happy when you are bored, horny, or just to feel great inside. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sonia Santana)
  • If one touches their pussy or dick, they can experience a feeling of joy such as orgasm. It’s something that almost everyone does, even though they are embarrassed to admit to it. It’s okay, it’s totally normal I do it whenever i feel horny, or when i’m alone at home. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlee Willis)
  • For a thrill of pleasure, stimulate your genitals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malakai Robinson)
  • It’s what guys do all of the time that girls don’t admit to. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kira Obrien)
  • Urban Dictionary: Acts committed by people browsing. (in Community Dictionary, added by BabychisVolvox)
  • Masturbation is referred to as: bashing the candle; bleeding the weasel; buffing and rubbing the banana; burping the bird, cleaning the gun, cleaning the rifle, cleaning the mister’s throat, cleaning the gun, cleaning the gun, cleaning the log, fisting the mister, firing the shot, fisting the log, fisting the mister, flushing your mister, flipping the mule. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cara Nolan)
  • Masturbation is the act of performing a masturbation. (in AZ Dictionary)