manstration means: All males experience irrational anger at some point in their lives. It usually lasts between 24-48 hours. The male body experiences a random increase in testosterone. This is what drives all of creation and invention. _______________________________ Some symptoms include but aren’t limited to: You want to poke inanimate objects without a specific purpose Pulsing headaches can be only treated with punching. Large amounts of steak are the best way to quench your hunger. Excessive swearing -Excessive drinking -InsomniaNarcolepsy -Agoraphobiaagoraphilia -Photophobiaphotophilia Periods of high intelligenceambition, followed by periods in ignorancelethargy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Montoro)

What else does manstration mean?

  • A man who is feeling particularly unwell, it’s not for any apparent reason. Man who is irritable and impulsive This is the male term for bitchiness or PMS. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Carney)
  • A man goes through his monthly magazines. (in Community Dictionary, added by Godofredo Álvarez)