Mangina means: Passive gay men use this term to descript their butt. It is claimed to be their vagina. Combining words: man and vagina, gina = mangina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aurelio Medina)

What else does Mangina mean?

  • It is a vagina that has a nutsack underneath. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Reynolds)
  • Man*gin*na Mangina, a mix of gay men culture slang refers to gay men’s anus. It is also a term that describes self-deprecating gay men who have become subservient female culture. While he blindly believes in feminist culture and propagandism, he is likely to harbor deep resentment toward men. Inadvertently, he sees men as violent and dominant. He believes he’s a victim to male oppression. His belief in masculinity may be a result of his upbringing. Some may believe he should be corrected and embrace his feminine side to the point that it threatens his identity. His subservience to women may be seen as an act of chivalry. He might also find it difficult to see the logic in contradictory evidence. His belief that violence against women is widespread may be contrary to what science has shown. Mangina is often a self-imposed slave who sees himself as a white knight, when in reality he is just a doormat supporting women’s problems that might not exist. They are often servile and weak-willed, which can lead to a loss of respect from gay men. He may be more sensitive to females than he realizes, and this could lead him to fall further into what he believes is feminine sensitivity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esoterica)
  • A White Knight, Simp or Simp. This type of man places pussy on an elevated pedestal. These men believe they are above reproach, no matter how unaccountable the woman is for her dysfunctional or whorish actions. These men are overemotional. (in Community Dictionary, added by Drwhofan7Cabal)
  • A man whose best interests lie in feminine topics and who has had his mother “Worship” females. These may seem like great qualities but you might feel you’re with another woman. This is why “Mangina” women don’t choose to be with them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)
  • Mangina, a man with a negative self-image and blind belief in women’s superiority, is an unselfish, deprecating person. He has been raised to think masculinity is inherently wrong – perhaps even a geneticevolutionarysocial flaw – and must be corrected by embracing his “feminine side” to the point of losing the very qualities that make him male. He thinks women are innocent, beautiful angels while men are dirty animals that must be controlled. Manginas view women as the supreme beings and put them on a pedestal. They don’t care about the well-being of other men. Manginas are supportive of women’s rights that go against their fellow males. A man who supports feminism, but is being forced into a form chivalry where women’s interests are more important than men’s. They are unaware that they’re just “useful idiots” and do what women like in vain hopes of being able to get laid. She tosses him with all the other rubbish after he is no longer of any use. Manginas can be enemies and betrayers of men Man*gi*na -noun- 1. A women-firster. 2. Male who acts or behaves aggressively towards men after feminist maxims have been questioned. 3. A person who thinks violence against women is wider-spread than violence against men. 4. Reflexively emotional driven and unthinking, a man who “comes to their rescue” when women are in distress. 5. An authority man who supports Team Women during his legislative actions or judgments. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ayden Gray)
  • Man who supports the feminist agenda and/or hates others in order to gain female privilege. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yolanda Pascual)