MAN-pon means: After being raped, toilet paper and fabric convicts cover their mouths with cloth to stop blood and semen leaking out. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alma Moran)

What else does MAN-pon mean?

  • In order to avoid liquidy number 2, a towel, or wash rag can be placed in the rectal cheeks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerome Mccoy)
  • To prevent leakage, Man-pon is a 6 inch long toilet paper or paper towel that has been tightly wound. In response to O-lean vegetable oil substitute, which led to anal leakage in several subjects in the late 1990’s. The Man-Pon disappeared from food shelves when “O-lean”, a vegetable oil substitute, was banned. However, “Alli”, a weight loss supplement, was soon available. It causes the body to burn all fats in their digestive tract and results in drippy anus. (in Community Dictionary, added by Orestes Navarro)