male muse means: An Agent of Fortune is a male muse. This is not an agent of fortune, but a traveler who’s free from the constraints of standard materialism. While he might desire physical things, his position inspires and influences others to make better decisions for their spiritual and physical future. Legend says that the Agent of Fortune is chosen by an omniscient spiritual entity. Through his training as such, the Agent of Fortune has been to the future. He is therefore cursed for what he sees or knows. Their movement though time may be completely different from normal people. Some events and the passage of time may not affect them as much as others. They can also be annoyingly positive even in difficult situations. One might meet them and not know. As if they are never there, they also fade in and out from social situations. Their relationship with time is the reason. They can’t force people to choose the right decision. This decision is up to each individual. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nootropics)