Makiah means: She is probably fake and does stupid things. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaliyah Huynh)

What else does Makiah mean?

  • Makiah is often pictured as a man with brown eyes, dark skin and brown hair. Because he is so cute and loves to play sports, Makiah is very popular. Kiah (pronounced Ky-uh) is his nickname. It is more commonly used than his actual name because it reflects his cute appearance. Kiah doesn’t fear fighting, even if it’s for dumb reasons, and will gladly take part in a fight for his family or friends’ honor. He likes to play Mortal Combat, his smartphone games, and he also loves to hang out with his guys friends. At first, he is shy, but once you know him well, he becomes confident and vocal. Although he seems careless and inconsiderate, he is actually helpful and kind. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hector Collins)
  • Asshole Extremely rude He was horrible to his girlfriend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Holder)