Makakilo means: This is the Most Amazing CityTown. It is located on Oahu, the island in the former Kingdom of Hawaii. Palehua is a citytown located entirely on the mountain. There are also 2 hills, Puuomakakilo und Puuopalailai. Hawaiian English Translation: Observational eye. Only one way out and in, Makakilo Drive Puuomakakilo, also called “bola mountain”, is known for its distinctive bald-headed shape. From this is the origin of the name citytown. There is also a quarry and numerous bunckers that were left over from World War II. Puuopalailai’s reputation is not as well-known. It was once a quarry. It was then turned into a dump. It is located directly above Wet and Wild. A Street called “Palailai Street”, named for Puuopalailai runs through Lower Makakilo. Two schools are included in this school. Mauka Lani, also known as the Mauka Lani is one of them. One reason it is one of the most difficult Elementary Schools in Hawaii is its dearth of buildings, as many of the buildings there are mobiles. Makakilo Elementry School is the other name for this school. This school was the first to be constructed in Kapolei. On April 25, Mufi Hanneman, Mayor of Honolulu or County, gives it its own holiday. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miah Schneider)