Majin Buu means: Majin Buu, a huge fat pink monster from Dragonball Z series is Majin Buu. He has the consistency and ability to transform people into candy with the strange tentacle that resides on his forehead. He starts off as a villain but becomes a hero over time. He also has the worst and most incomprehensible voice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyla Mcintyre)

What else does Majin Buu mean?

  • Majin Boo is also known as an alternate spelling. The fat, pink-colored dude from DBZ. He likes eating things that were once people. With his inflatable Yoshi doll and rubber ducky, he likes to eat all the fat. Also known as Stupid Buu or Retard Buu. (in Community Dictionary, added by FronnacParrel)
  • This is the last of the Dragonball Z villains. Bibidi created this villain and his son Babidi revived him using a lot of saiyan energies, which he gathered from Gohan’s fight against Majin Vegeta. These three characters’ names are a nod to Cinderella: Bibbity Bobbity and Boo Buu’s first appearance from his Ball, which he had been inside for one million years according Babidi is childish. This was due to the Grand Supreme Kai: Daikaioh absorbing him. He is ironically more powerful in Kid Buu, his first state. This is due to his deep-seeded desire to destroy and, without Daikaioh, his unstoppable killing machines. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kierra Calderon)