macrob means: Macrob is the butthole of all buttholes. Macrob is an ill-mannered llama who sucks at your sanity. Macrob is an egghead. You’ll regret making friends with macrob. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mauricio Mendez)

What else does macrob mean?

  • Macrobian: sing. Latin, “Potens Sui”, pl. The smartest and most educated women in Melbourne are Macrobs. They can be found around Domain Tram Interchange and Flinders St Station. During joint rehearsals, they will often seem to have a love/hate relationship with their alma mater. Use: “Damn! What am I doing on Macrobian Alumni Page?” Anonyms: Melbourne High and Australian Grand Prix Synonyms for Cherry Ripe: Cherry Ripe is the “Melbourne High” school that Asian parents dream of, and has the largest Victoria toilet block. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anselmo Rubio)