Lurp means: In a strange and unprofessional manner to make sexual advances. An example of this is an older man luring on a teenage girl or a married guy luring on a woman who isn’t his wife. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassie Dougherty)

What else does Lurp mean?

  • Noun These are the characteristics of a lurp: 1. A very lanky, uncoordinated individual. 2. Talks in a droning, monotone state. 3. Very inept at sports like basketball, football and volleyball. 4. You can use your hands to move. 5. Sometimes creepiness and other lurpy traits can cause inability to attract opposite sex despite all efforts. verb Any of the above characteristics in your daily life. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ean Levy)
  • This term is used to describe people who are methamphetamine addicts and engage in a variety of unscrupulous activities to get rich. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Cano)
  • 1. Lurped: To stealstole 2. Lurper (or lurpingass) -noun: One who steals, is nosy or carpet picks or is paranoid. 3. Lurped Out: Being excessively high on meth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kevin Willis)
  • Man who wants to have sex and attempts to get it done with girl using tired lines and creepy body language. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tatiana Key)
  • 1. A long-suffering person that is unable to handle physical activity, like walking or dancing. 2. adjectival–Lurpy A term that refers to any object not quite as it should, in a spatial sense. There are many ways to use the word “lurp”, depending on whether you’re using it as a noun or an adjective, adverb or verb. The verb is ‘to lurp. You can either lurp or be a Lurpster, lurpster, lurpy or simply lurp about. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dolores Núñez)
  • Tweekers ride down the streets at three in the morning on their ten-speeds, lurping is looking for things to steal or sell to make a profit. Michael Human. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jairo Downs)