Lu Bu means: He was the greatest fighter among all three kingdoms. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolten Kemp)

What else does Lu Bu mean?

  • King of Fighters. He is a man among men and like a rock. Terror and chaos: The definition of terror. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassie Dougherty)
  • He is one of the greatest ancient Chinese generals. Lu Bu was alive during China’s Three Kingdoms Period. Cao Cao, an enemy warlord, executed Lu Bu. China is said to have the most powerful warrior. Koei’s Dynasty Warriors Series: The strongest characters (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)
  • Although Lu Bu is a familiar name from games of the Koei, some may not know that he was actually an ancient Chinese person. His battle skills were unmatched, making him one of only a few super-warriors known. He was a warrior and his only passion was war. Any loyalty was to him for his personal gain. He was given the opportunity to take power by winning the fall of Han Dynasty. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darren Fisher)
  • A lord who is unstoppable and totally powerful. This term comes from the ancient Chinese past and refers to an unbeatable lord in single combat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nikolas Nixon)
  • Don’t pursue him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devin Frey)