Loner means: A person who prefers to be by themselves than with others. However, this does not bother them. In fact, they enjoy it. They can be who they are without worrying about what others think. Although they may not be the best at talking, they are still a good friend who will always be there for you, even when it is most needed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Lamb)

What else does Loner mean?

  • Loners find comfort in driving, walking, and shopping by themselves. Because they don’t have two faces, loners aren’t good at working in groups. It can be frustrating for them to get together with other people and set a time frame. Sometimes they can be impatient. They love solving problems and making improvements. They enjoy spending time in the sunshine and daydreaming. Although they may enjoy fishing, the loner might be sad to see their catch fail. Loners are always looking, listening, and thinking. They will not be able to sit facing the door if they are alone. Loners love the simplicity of life and are able to study it. Loners love the sun, wind, rain and clouds, welcoming every season with open arms. Loners are not tolerant of people who make them feel bad. Loners love people who have a sense of humor and are not mean or rude. Loners are loner by nature. They have an inner clock which may tell them to change gears. However, they can also learn to be sensitive to their emotions and not become too agitated. Loners love their pets because they’re much like her ….dependentindependent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Subarrhation)
  • A person who knows he is super smart but does not want others to see it. People call someone strange because they did not give them the chance to get to to know them. A person who is self-contained, does not like conflict and could still kick an ass, if necessary. Nobody really knows who he is, except for a few. When needed, social and often very talkative. One who has been stabbed too many times. Keep it away, so that no one gets mad at her or jealous. If someone prefers to be alone or only with a few people, that’s their choice. Less drama. A small group of people, selected few. These traits can make someone a “lonelier”. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Milton Ochoa)
  • Let’s get it right, children. First, it is not necessary that loners be socially retarded or depressed. One could consider themselves a loner if they have low social skills or are depressed. However, there are many lonely people who prefer to be alone. The characteristics of loners include solitary hobbies such as writing and listening to music, making art and writing, or playing videogames online. Listening to music that they love is what loners do. This can include everything from Blues Rock to Blues Rock to Folk to Indie, Rap to Rap to Country and Techno. Loners can dress as they like. They may wear their personal style or simply buy a standard pair of jeans and a T-shirt at any store. People who are loner are as susceptible to depression as others. However, they are more likely than anyone else to experience mental illness. Schizoid personality disorder is more common among loners than people who are social. It’s a condition that prevents one from having meaningful interpersonal relationships. Today’s society associates themselves with the belief that all people want to socialize, be close-knit, have large groups of loved ones and friends, etc. So when someone prefers solitude they can often be labelled as depressed, strange, unloved or insecure. It is false. It is not true. Loners can be very different people. Their only distinguishing characteristic is their preference for being alone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Gutiérrez)
  • Loner can be defined as a leader that doesn’t want followers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charlie Willis)
  • A person who enjoys being by themselves and is content with their current situation. Freaks are often called that because most people can’t understand “leave the fuck alone” and they don’t like being left alone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerome Conley)
  • Avoids being in the company of others. (in AZ Dictionary)