lolzers means: This is a funnier way to say lol. (in Community Dictionary, added by Donovan Douglas)

What else does lolzers mean?

  • If something is so bizarre that it makes you want to pee. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julia Fuller)
  • Combine the terms lol and wowzers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristina Serrano)
  • LAHLZUHERZ lahl-zehr-z: An exclamation that is used to show one’s humor about something. It can be used for example, to say “I love you!” or “I like your idea!” Alternative spellings are acceptable: 1. lahlzers 2. lolzerzs 3. LOLzerzs Notification To reduce the emotion, it is a good idea to sometimes drop the final s/z. Simply “lolzs” can be used to reduce the emotion level from “lolzer”. This is used to show almost neutrality toward the comment before it, as though to acknowledge its existence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mitchell Briggs)