Lindy means: Lindy is one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever met. Her friendship is a magnet for all the men. Her friends are her most important and she will defend them. You can meet Lindy by running up to her, giving her a tight hug that will make her feel like she cannot leave. Everybody wants to become her friend. She’s the most kindest, loving and generous person I know. You are half my pint. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilian Reynolds)

What else does Lindy mean?

  • A blonde girl who is normaly beautiful. They love learning and are extremely intelligent. They believe everyone tells them they’re beautiful, but it doesn’t make sense to them. Lindy has a strange sense of humor, which can sometimes be frightening. Lindy’s, in general, are wonderful people. You should meet one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ally Arias)
  • The name of someone who can be a little shy, but is super awesome. She is hilarious, beautiful, and everybody would love her. Is a girl who’s too shy and wouldn’t mind having lots of friends if it was open to her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dulce Hampton)
  • I see her every day in school. She is so kind and sweet. When she looks up at tall people, she is so innocent. I feel ashamed when i tell her something, but she seems to misunderstand what I mean. I guess that i could say nothing but that i was drawn to her smile from the beginning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Litzy Curtis)
  • The short name of Lindy Hop, which is the mother of all Swing Dances. Named after a headline in 1927 that stated “Lindy Hops the Atlantic”, referring to Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight. One partner, usually a woman and a leader, leads the dance. The follower is typically another person. The lead choreographs the dance, which is then improvised by the follower. He guides them through pushes and turns as well as other moves. Timing is determined by four count blocks and the timing is usually danced to swing big-band music. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aubrey Valenzuela)
  • 1. Lindy is usually described as a woman. She’s a lovely, confident, and courageous female who enjoys singing and dancing. Her origins are in the northern, windy regions. She enjoys being with animals, and she wants to keep in touch with old friends and nature. 2. A Kalamazoo resident. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kassandra Dougherty)
  • Jazz dancing for couples, developed in late 1920s. (in AZ Dictionary)