limp biscuit means: An assortment of men standing in a circle with a Ritz Cracker at the center. Last person to nibble on cracker must eat Limp Biscuit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ciara Wolf)

What else does limp biscuit mean?

  • The mathematical term for an infinite-shaped curve is a limp biscuit. It’s often misunderstood to be a lemniscate. Rumours have it that Limp Bizkit’s name came from the concept of infinite so they chose to use this mathematical symbol. Unfortunately, Limp Bizkit’s creators were not very good at spelling so the name of the biscuit they created was incorrectly spelled. Jacques Bernoulli was the original inventor of limp biscuit in 1694. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susan Gill)
  • Another term for “shit”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sherlyn Giles)
  • If you don’t have the willpower to get it on. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eddie Suarez)
  • This is a game where a bunch of boys gather around a biscuit to try and ejaculate on it. If there’s only one remaining person who has not ejaculated the biscuit, that person must consume it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demarcus Navarro)
  • A group of men gather around a biscuit, possibly one made from wheat. The men all start to shake, and eject onto the biscuit. Therefore, the last one to cum is to consume the soggy biscuit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Douglas White)