Life and Death Brigade means: According to “Gilmore Girls”, the fictional secret society was loosely inspired by Yale’s secret society, “Skull and Bones”. The motto of The Life and Death Brigade was “In Omnia Paratus”, which literally means “ready for anything”. The Brigade was well-known for their ability to put an unusual spin on games, and to come up with big tricks to end a wild outing. In one episode the LDB played croquet wearing prom-wear and paint-ball jumpers trampoling. The outing was completed by a massive scaffold being set up on the field. Six people were standing at the top with umbrellas and jumping down. LDB new members who prove their worth during their induction into the Brigade get a gorilla mask as well as a complimentary bottle of champers. This fictional LDB includes Logan Huntzberger and Colin McCrae, “Gilmore Girls”, as well as Finn (last name unspecified among the rich Yale elite). (in Community Dictionary, added by Rosalia Montero)