Licky Boom Boom Down means: Kill someone, or severely beat them. Give a lick, punch, or hit someone, and you’re down. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerome Mccoy)

What else does Licky Boom Boom Down mean?

  • This is not what Daddy Snow said in “Informer”, his smash hit song. The informers, he says, are “a licky boomboom dem”, not “down”. This is something that every Jamaican will know. Snow doesn’t mean it, so “Licky boom boom Down” is meaningless. This is a common misunderstanding of Jamaican Patois lyrics. A “licky boom boom”, or an ass-licker, is also known as an ass-kisser. The end of the sentence contains the word “dem”, which refers to the informers. These are known as ass-kissers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mario Branch)