lhooq means: This is a classy version of dirty sanchez, which includes a mustache and a goatee. This is a tribute to Marcel Duchamp’s work. An LHOOQ is an honor for any woman who appreciates modern art. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elizabeth Wallace)

What else does lhooq mean?

  • Jaconde aux Mustaches L.H.O.O.Q. Marcel Duchamp, a 1919 French artist, drew with a pencil a moustache, goatee, and Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. He named the work “L.H.O.O.Q.” When spoken in French, this is translated as “Elle au chaud au cul”, meaning “She’s got hot trousers” or “She has hot ans”. The image was so common that it became a joke and ridiculed one of the greatest works of art in history. Duchamp’s art was included in a new movement known as Dada, which emerged during World War I. The war’s unprecedented violence prompted the creation of this period. The artists felt any civilization capable of enduring such cruelty must be destroyed, as well all its institutions including traditional art. Dada was therefore against all things and became the main inspiration of the Surrealist movement. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gazpacho)