Lehcar means: A german word meaning tasty. Or Red-headed crazy. Booger is another name for this red-headed freak. They like to believe they are from the gangster hood. Trys to be a G. Has the last name Walrus and is known to choose the Taboo card of “Walrus”. She also has friends with disabilities who can ride on her love machine She has two cousins from Zimbabway, who are the exact opposite color to her. Tends make fascinating poems. Believes that it’s a bomb diggity for Barry St. to drive and hear gangsta Rap with the windows down Mailmen are often a target of their affections. Favorite quotes: “Maybe I’ll stab You.” ” FOR NARNIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAA” People tend to flee from flying birds in their rooms. When on the phone, she also thinks her friend mother is her brother. Enjoys drinking sour watermelon. Do not give up on your dreams. Enjoys working in the corners. It is rough with mood rings. You will be pleased. Loves dog Charlie. With a friend, makes gangster Rap music videos Soap Opera writer.Enriqwue “Ally” does not refer to you Allie. It is the Ally …”. Has a long lost twin. It is beyond strange. When you fart in bed, smiles. Wearing a soccer sweater with friends makes her “balla,” Obsessed with Hermione. A best friend that will not be forgotten. She is strong, kind, and hilarious. She is loved by many. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ubaldo Cano)

What else does Lehcar mean?

  • Simply Rachel is spelled backwards. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ascensión Díaz)