leet means: Hackers first began using leet talk in the 1980s to stop their sitesnewsgroups being discovered by keyword searches. As a way to suggest that you are a hacker h4x0r and should be afraid, Leet language grew in popularity in games like Doom. Video gamers often use the shorthand “elite” to indicate that they’re skilled. People who are considered elite should not use “leet talk” these days. North American culture has adopted Leet talk widely and it is now used by almost anyone. Aka., n00bs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Silvia Álvarez)

What else does leet mean?

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  • Also called Leet-Speak…, L337, L33t, 1337, or 1337. A common language used in chat rooms, where letters can be replaced with numbers or symbols and words frequently misspelled. (in Community Dictionary, added by Baldomero Ibáñez)
  • An example of the 1980’s software piratery scene. In the beginning, “elite” meant status on a BBS. Elite was commonly used to refer to people who had access to sysop on boards or cracked software. It became more common to simply use the term “leet” later. It was used later to refer both hackers and crackers, thanks to the explosion of the internet. It was so popular to call themselves leet and use it to describe themselves. Anybody who calls themselves “leet”, should be able tell you what Razor1911 looks like. Anyone failing to do so should be ridiculed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bernardo Ferrer)
  • This spelling uses symbols and numbers that are similar to certain letters. 1 And 5 For I And s, It is used for texting and typed electronic communications. (in AZ Dictionary)