lavalier means: To put your letters on a girl. This usually involves something permanent, such as a necklace. It symbolizes pre-premarriage. See dating. The lavalier, however, is an old tradition that can be used outside of jewelry. Like branding, an apprentice, beginner or novice to lavaliering can use any finger, fingers, or toes that are immediately accessible to recent ejaculate to draw one’s letters onto the lavaliese. This applies to girl who will be lavaliered, or girl who will receive lavaliering. Success elevates practitioners because practice increases speed and ability to succeed. Journeyman: A lavalier draws his letters using his dick (lesser mind) instead of his digits. It is difficult to succeed, particularly if you are a woman who has been trained for tomfoolery. This is the final step in mastery. Mastery: The lavaliese is a skilled lavalier, knowledgeable about intent and willing. To be considered master, he must also be sober. He will take your love truncheon, draw your letters, and then sign them on behalf of the master lavalier. A master lavalier is able to lavalier all girls at each of the four levels. He or she will likely hold a chair in any brotherhood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Begoña Prieto)

What else does lavalier mean?

  • A person who is proficient in any one of four levels of lavaliering. This involves writing greek letters with liquid energy. See also branding, greeked and greeking. Lavaliers are energy givers by nature. These are the four levels of lavalier: Apprentice Journeyman Artisan Master Which LL do you belong to? (in Community Dictionary, added by Fartsdump)
  • All sorority girls want to be like them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Odón Arias)
  • It refers to necklaces bearing letters from a sorority or fraternity in the American Greek system. A lavalier is a gift that has been accepted by a college, which is called lavaliering. This indicates a romantic engagement and possibly marriage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristina Serrano)