Lauryn means: Lauryn has many traits. Although she is quiet and not shy, her personality is quite diverse. She is, however, the most funny person among her friends. Her intelligence, kindness, and beauty are all a part of her. It’s rare to find girls like her. You might be able to get lucky. She will be gracious if you fail to please her. Once she is done, it’s over. Lauryn will not hesitate to cut communication off completely or distance herself from your company. You’ll soon realize it was all your fault. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devin Frey)

What else does Lauryn mean?

  • A beautiful, intelligent, charming, gorgeous, smart and all-around perfect girl. She will never leave you. You’ll need to. It’s worth waiting for a girl. You will be so loved that you feel like you are dying, but you will also find yourself the most happy when you love her. It’s difficult not to be enthralled by her, and it is hard to not miss her, but she is easy to love. (in Community Dictionary, added by Champu)
  • Lauryn is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to my family. She’s loving, intelligent, beautiful and full of life. Although she can be indecisive at times, she will always follow her heart. You would be happy to share your entire life with her, no matter where you live. She is the most amazing girl and it shows in her overall personality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Neil Gibson)
  • Lauryn, a reckless ass girl is not one to be played with by these niggas and thots. Because she is determined to make her happy, she’s not one to be played with. Also, she is an incredibly passionate girl and will fall for any nigga. This girl is a member of the fuck society. It’s not like she doesn’t care about that hot shit. Lauryn can be a chilled person until she gets offended. But, Lauryn’s thick and a true ride-or-die chick. Don’t let her get fucked as one these hotties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ezequiel Gallardo)
  • Lauryn, a caring and loving person who is also smart and talented hates it when her name is misspelled. Although she may seem odd or strange at first, once she gets to know you she becomes a fun and engaging person. She is hesitant to get into a committed relationship, but she will eventually open up to it if you allow her to. She is a strong, confident woman. She’s very athletic, and can quickly solve math problems if given a question. Her class is known for her beautiful appearance and she has the same talent as the boys. Lauryn can be very emotional at times and will shut down if she is able to. If you do get pissed off, she’ll attack you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hayden Avery)
  • Unsophisticated girl. You won’t get to know her unless you become friends with her. Although she can be kind, her attitude is not one of bullshit. She’s loyal, smart, and beautiful. You can hold onto her, if you’re lucky enough to find her. These girls are rare. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ululation)
  • One of a kind, hilarious, crazy, and loud individual. He listens to many different types of music… Some that you will like, some you won’t. Crazy. Sexy. Cool. Cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Konner Terrell)