Lard-ass means: A person who will eat all the food of others. They can’t resist being fat and ugly. Bum Babba Bum Babba Bum Babba Bum. (in Community Dictionary, added by Quiddle)

What else does Lard-ass mean?

  • 1. A person who is overweight, lazy, or stupid. 2. A person who consumes a lot of food. 3. A person with a large stomach. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfred Glover)
  • Lard-ass, n. Someone who is both useless and obscenely obese. The typical lard-asses eat Taco Bell at least three times per day, with one Burger King meal in between. Food is also always bought with another person’s money. Lard-assess also has a dull personality and greasy skin. They are self-centered and have the power to take the lives and money of others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jasmin Patton)