Langoliers means: 1 Spherical entities with a bottomless stomach and a voracious hunger, these are the namesake of the Stephen King novella Four Past Midnight. While the world of consciousness and life is constantly passing through the stream of history, the uninhabited and chemically inert universe left behind by a flight that passes through a time gap – which was inadvertently visited in the course of the journey – will soon be carved by what one character calls the “timekeepers of eternity”, but could more appropriately be called the blow-fly larvae in the space-time continuum. The sound they make while munching on food is similar to radio static from a distance. Craig Toomey imagines these animals as having a purpose. He grew up hearing horror stories about them from his father, who was insanely pushy. They are supposed to hunt down lazy people and then eat them alive. 2. Referred to when someone urgently needs to do something, such as a college essay due tomorrow morning. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ashleigh Le)