Lagboat means: It has so many virus from porn it makes it slow to open simple programs like Notepad. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leocadia Gutiérrez)

What else does Lagboat mean?

  • An AWOL Legend. He is the obsession of many posters. Most of the Cardiff Posters are winded up. They are often banned because they cannot handle the man. Witty, intelligent but modest. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stylobate)
  • A teenager Christopher Biggins is an impersonator, and he founded the Bermondsey branch his fan club. He has a disturbing fetish for the ‘Daddy. Lagboat is physically connected to his Commodore 64 via an anal probe cum broadband connection. However, he can only go up to his Nan’s loft once a day for ‘Wall matches. A Zinger Tower Meal (KFC) can be used as an emergency power source. (in Community Dictionary, added by Velerio Fuentes)