lacubrious means: La*cu*bri*ous Pronunciation: La-‘cubrE-s, also –cyu. Adjective Function Etymology: a negative twist on lackadaisical, created 1994. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Santiago)

What else does lacubrious mean?

  • Update: It is evident that it was a conjured word. Interview with Variety Mraz stated, “I know a friend called Dr. Lacubrious.” He said, “He is like, it’s lazy. It’s another word for lackingadaisical. It was impossible to find. One day, he sent me a message. He said that he had made the word up and it wouldn’t be in any dictionary. It was very fitting, as it’s based on my friend who is the King of One-liners and will say whatever he needs to get his way. He’s also very smooth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hillary Alexander)
  • It’s easy to relax or have fun with. jason mraz used it in one song. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haiden Skinner)