La Canada means: The most boring area in Los Angeles. Boringer than other LA suburbs; nothing to do. Not even a mall. The kids are naive, mean-spirited and stuck up. We moved here from NJ to take advantage of the excellent public schools. This was stupid as my parents made us both apply for private schools and boarding schools. For two years, we were stuck in an empty house on top of a hill with no one our age. It was only a half mile away from the town center and there wasn’t much to do. Because I was a new seventh-grader, the kids in my school were extremely mean to me. I went on to suffer from depression and hate my entire life for the next ten years. DON’T MOVE. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matilda Cochran)

What else does La Canada mean?

  • The n must have a tilde… la Cuh-NYAH–duh. The little suburban that was. Creating homogeneous people would be possible People who are alike in their thinking, actions and appearances Suppriming creativity is the best thing for your soul. Yuck! Majority of the population is white but there are significant numbers of asian people, esp. first korean, then chinese. But at the same it is a pleasant, safe place Memories are created in bubbles We have “good education system”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Reynolds)
  • Los Angeles County’s most wealthy area. All the children wear designer clothing such as betsey Johnson, rock republic and true religion. The houses can be huge and expensive, but it is worth the money to live in La Canada. LCE La Canada Elementary is the 2nd best elementary school in California, while LCHS LA canada High School is the 3rd best high school. People there live very shallow lives and are sheltered and don’t know what it is like to be in the real world. Many children in Canada don’t know what they have, and they claim that they aren’t poor. So bored people start to gossip, and moms create gossip groups where they talk about their kids and share rumors. Then the children want revenge but they don’t know how. Family relationships are often broken when the father is too busy supporting his large family. His wife sits down and does her nails while she shops and does nothing else. Because their lives are boring, many teenagers and children there have trouble finding things to do. La canada is home to a lot of drugs and many children get high from the stress in their lives. Many kids can also buy drugs with the money they earn, whether they steal the money or they are given the money by their parents. You have to inform people about the location of la canada. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jasmine Horton)
  • Pronounced La CanYAda Not La Canada. It’s a stupid town right in the middle Los Angeles. Everybody claims they are in LA even though they actually live in LA County. Everybody is way too wealthy for their own good and uses that money to improve their sanity. For their 16th Birthday, they get a fancy new Mercedes, but don’t have their driver’s license. Everybody is super intelligent, so community college should not be an option. You are the only person in this world. Your wealth is determined by where you live. You’re judged by what you wear, how much money you have, what type of car you drive, how many parties a week you go to, and how mnay boyfriendsgirlfriends you’ve had. You don’t have to drink, smoke or do anything else but have sex. Many celebrities call this home, but you rarely see them in the city. It’s crap. You will never come here. You’ll die of boredom. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adalynn Ingram)
  • It is one of LA’s most wealthy suburbs. The ZIP code 91011 places La Canada as the 113th-most expensive US city. It is also the 38th highest income place with at least 10,000 residents. According to Forbes, La Canada ranks 18th in America’s most wealthy cities. Many celebrities have called La Canada home, including Miley Cyrus and Kevin Costner as well as Angela Bassett and Bill Plaschke of the LA Dodgers. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristopher Mills)
  • Also called “The LC”, and more commonly “The Bubble”. The kids look amazing and it is not unusual for girls to drive a luxurious car home after a night out, only to then have the vehicle replaced with a more costly model. Everybody is a big fan of APs, and feels entitled to money and education. When girls ask boys to dance, they go all out. You can’t go wrong with flowers and cheesy puns. A lot of residents hail from third- or fourth generation La Canada. Couture can be found at La Canada High School – no matter how expensive or new it is, you will find it at LCHS. There are many new phrases every year. This is a colloquialism that only La Canadaans can understand. It’s like an alien language, cooler than anything anyone from the outside. Because everyone is eager to live in this school district, real estate prices are insane. The starting price for even the smallest house is at least 2,000,000. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carly Ferrell)
  • What can I say? There’s nothing to do. It is home to no one between eighteen-fourty and forty-eight. This is due to the fact that La Canada’s schools rank second in California after San Marino. They are almost 90 percent Asian, so we would not be the first. There are only a few good things about the city: Georgie’s and Imports. Sport Chalet has ridiculous amounts of Smirnoff. Pasadena’s proximity is a great thing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porter Small)