Kurwa means: Polandball loves to tell you when he’s feeling sad or excited. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cadence Rich)

What else does Kurwa mean?

  • Kurwa means “Whore” in Polish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haylie Ryan)
  • Polish literally means “whore”, or “bitch” It is used mainly as “shit”, “fuck” and as a comma when speaking in non-intelligent languages OR to indicate that you are unsure about something or in extreme fury. This is usually followed by the word “Mac”. This is the hardened term for matka, which is “mother”. The formation “Kurwa Mac” is literally “Your mother’s a whore”, or “Mother whore”. The whole phrase can be used to mean “kurwa”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vomitory)
  • Polish word “Kurwa”, which means: 1whore, bitch 2using is a comma 3simply “fuck” Even many Poles are unable to understand what “mac” means, which adds to the “Kurwa”. In old Polish language, “mac” means ….. mom. If you want to: You are cursing your mother by saying “Kurwa Mac “…..” (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugenio Ramírez)
  • Polish for Whore is used as a comma in grammar, i.e. To break up lengthy sentences. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Tapia)
  • It means: You can either “fuck” (or “bitch”) (in Community Dictionary, added by Kenya Fernandez)
  • Polish lessons no:1 English : Fuck. Polish: Kurwa It’s incredible! P: O Kurwa E: Excuse Me, What? P: Co Kurwa E: I’m so angry shit, fuck,UGH FUCK EVERYTHING P: KURWA MAC E: Ouch! P: Kurwa…. E: Are you crazy? P:Pokurwilo cie E:Oh, no! p: Kurwa znowu E: Finally, it worked. P: No kurwa E: There P: Kurwa E: Oh my God, he was looking at me P: O KURWA KURWA KURWA Miley Cyrus P: Kurwa. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Santiago)