Kunta Kinte means: He was a gambian warrior mandinka who didn’t take anybodies shit. The nigga is not an african American. He was born in Africa, then white mfs sought dat nigga because he gangstaed and they small crackers. They took him to Africa. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guido Rubio)

What else does Kunta Kinte mean?

  • An African American child born as a slave…this term is used most often by white people to tass black people …… So my advice to you is: NEVER call a BLACK person an ……..black people crazy as hell …. don’t pretend you know. (in Community Dictionary, added by Persnickety)
  • Deceptive noun that is used to refer to someone as a Cunt. Commonly used at work or to use stronger words. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brianna Shaw)
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  • 1. Alex Haley’s 1973 Reader’s Digest story “Roots” features one of its main characters. 2. Alex Haley’s 1975 book, “Roots: The Saga of an American Family” features Alex Haley as one of its main characters. 3. Alex Haley’s 1978 ABC miniseries, “Roots”, which chronicles Kunta Kinte’s life and those of his descendants, featured Kunta Kinte as one of its main characters. John Amos played the older Kinte, while LeVar Burton played Kunta Kinte’s younger brother. 4. A 1700s-era African-American. Kinte, a teenage African-American, was taken to Africa by white slavers and sold in slavery in Spotsylvania County in Virginia. He was renamed Toby. Alex Haley is the great great great grandfather of Kunta Kinte. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorelei Mills)
  • 1. Gang bangin hardcore homie nigga gang from roots, also called “Toby” the nice toobob. He learned his place within society through many lashings. 2.Race slur that is used to make black teens feel inferior. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francesca Spence)