knob slobber means: Deepen your throat until the balls of the males fit into the female’s mouth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)

What else does knob slobber mean?

  • A person who likes to be sucked dick or gives his head. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mia Mcneil)
  • 1. This is a euphemism that has a metaphor. Knob, euphemism of dickhead penis cf. Get my knob polished. “Get my knob polished”: Visible pre-cum, pre-ejaculate fluid arising from the penis. It is called Slobber because it looks like drool and spittle. 2. Knob slobber could also refer to a knob-shaped head that contains visible saliva spittle and pre-ejaculate. It is possible to combine the two. Knob slob is a synonym for a person who gives messy blowjobs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Montserrat Aguilar)
  • A mixture of spit, seamen and other substances. Usually produced by a woman’s mouth when a man ejaculates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maeve Allison)
  • You are a cocksucker. To prevent someone from being TOSed in AOL chat rooms, the term knob slobber is used. Instead of using cock succker, use knob slobber. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kelton Dillon)