klahowya means: A school. The 7 major roups of ppl are: 1. The Scary Homicidal PPPLemo-The kids that talk about mayan calanders and shit. 2. MommaShoppers – The kids that still dress by their mother These “nerds” 3. The IQ Nonsexuals-the people who obsess over their brains and lose any hope of finding a partner. 4. They are the Normal people – the kids that just want to be left alone. They are not popular but they don’t look like donkeys. Respect 5. The Jocks – the sports geeks 6. The MarchingBanders-these kids may seem like the weirdos at times, but theyre badass and have enof friends to take u out. Pay attention 7. The ZumiezHomiez-ppl who go shopping like every week and always have new DCOsirisDakinewhatever else clothing. Naturally funny and good-natured Teachers go from being goodfabulous-devil to becoming one. The kids go from being satanic to cool. You will understand what I mean if you visit klahowya. ;. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilian Reynolds)

What else does klahowya mean?

  • Klahowya Secondary School is comprised of classes 7-12. Although it is part of the Central Kitsap school district, Silverdale, WA, everyone agrees that this school is Seabeck. The school mascot, an eagle. Although not as large as the surrounding schools, it is still quite small. Amazing architecture, and amazing teachers for most of the time. They are not as snooty or cocky as Oly and CK. These kids are often pretty cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Polylith)