Kite Runner means: 1. -Noun – Based on the Afghan novel Khaled Hosseini’s, Marc Forster has directed the film based on it. 2. Verb-To ass rape Also see kr. (in Community Dictionary, added by David Carmona)

What else does Kite Runner mean?

  • The man-on-man act of rape is a man-on -man act. It comes from “The Kiterunner”, where the rape was first described and then only subsequently repeated. (in Community Dictionary, added by Inés Velasco)
  • 1. A book written by Kahled Hazeini that focuses on a man confronting his past. 2 A verb that means completely owned or dominated. This refers to Hassan being raped by Amir. 3. A threat verbally of violence (in Community Dictionary, added by Jeffery Walters)
  • 1noun. Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner is a story about a man from Afghanistan named Amir, who goes back to his homeland to correct a wrong. 2verb. 2verb. This is the term used in Kite Runner where a twelve-year-old boy anal rapes a ten-year-old boy. Personified by fast, rhythmic grunts. Assef kneeled behind Hassan and placed his hands on Hassan’s hips. He then lifted his naked buttocks. Assef held one hand to Hassan’s chest and unzipped his belt with the free hand. He took off his jeans. Dropped his underwear. He placed himself behind Hassan… I could just round the corner hear Assef’s rhythmic, quick grunts. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryker Shelton)
  • A dominating position over something. It can be used to refer to ass raping but it’s more often associated with the type of connotation like pwn. This is a quote from Kahled Hosseini’s novel Kite Runner. It depicts the scene where Amir watches as his friend, Assef, rapes him from behind. The term refers to pwn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Preston)