Kismesis means: Two people who are in a sexual relationship that is both hateful and romantic. An elopement between two people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aedan Mcguire)

What else does Kismesis mean?

  • The perfect soulmate for those who hate. Healthy kismesissitude can be described as a well-balanced, consensual romantic relationship. However, it also compromises love and hatred. Hatred is triggered by a desire to be a rival to the other person. This will allow you to have healthy competition without actually living. Your kismesis is not always with everyone you dislike or hate. These feelings should be carefully considered and meditated on. Kismesis does not refer to someone you don’t like, but it can also be your hate soulmate. Kismesissitude doesn’t mean hate. That would make any relationship really unhealthy. A strong aspect of kismesis is characterized by gentleness and love. Kismesis couples care deeply for one another, and they don’t get into fights or try to make each other tougher. Healthy couples are more likely to give and receive each other’s attention, and build one another up. Kismesissitudes often have a sexual component. However, the sexual element doesn’t necessarily have to be present – as in any other relationship. You can also share your most romantic moments with your Kismesis. These tender moments in love aren’t nearly as frequent as romantic ones, so it’s not a kismesissitude. These moments are what make the couple appreciate them and love them so much more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damon Lester)
  • This is a combination of the words “Kismet” meaning “fated”, or destined”, and?Nemesis,” which, i’m sure we all know, means “rival” etc A Kismesis (or plural) is a Kismesis that takes after the plural of your nemesis. Or, perhaps, your Serendipitous Rival. Kismessitude can also be called “Black Romance” or “Caliginous Romance”, a calidinous term meaning dark, misty and hateful. Now that you are familiar with what a Kismesis looks like, it’s time to get some black-mack. Antithesis: Matesprit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovanni Richardson)
  • Kismesis can be used to refer to deep and abject hatred of someone. You hate the person you can’t stand and won’t stop hating them no matter how they behave. However, this is romantic hatred that involves many hate-snogs or other violent but romantic acts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chana Carroll)