kinesis means: Bolton is home to a little-known British band. They have just finished their second album, which was recorded by them. They should be available soon. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eugene Barr)

What else does kinesis mean?

  • Kinesis, a New Trier High School group that is made up of talented young girls and occasionally a few guys, is called New Trier High School’s Kinesis. They are not only the greatest dancers in the school, but they also have the highest esteem and are the most beautiful and sexiest of the girls. Their performance is the main highlight of school year. They work hard from January through the beginning of each school year. Every New Trier student comes to it as they believe it is the best. Kinesis is a group of girls that includes women who have not been selected. They are envious as they watch the talented dancers on stage. The men watch, knowing that they won’t see these girls in tight clothes until next year. The underclassmen also watch, realizing that they will not be able to make it through auditions and have a life at New Trier as great as the KINESIS girls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nigel Simmons)
  • An organism’s movement or activity in response to light. (in AZ Dictionary)