Kimo means: Although Kimo is most commonly used in Hawaii, Tonga and the Cook Islands of the Pacific Islands Samoa, Tonga are some examples, it was originally a Hawaiian name. Kimo in Hawaiian means Timothy. Kimo is a name that evokes kindness and generosity. People with the name Kimo love their family but struggle to express themselves. These people can enforce rules well, no matter how difficult or easy it may seem. Don’t think they aren’t caring about you. They do really care, but they take time to show it. They can be sensitive and caring, but they are also shy. They will come to you if you take the time to get to know them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ireneo Ortiz)

What else does Kimo mean?

  • Kimo means Hawaiian baby name. Kimo is an amiable, helpful man who looks great in white shirts if his skin is light. To hug you, he does the fortnite T-pose. His smile is beautiful and his humor can make you laugh. He’s a great friend. He’s strong, and he gives great tips. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ruben Mclean)
  • A different word for “gnargnar” (in Community Dictionary, added by Gonzalo Román)
  • A person who occupies the majority of the bed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sherlyn Drake)
  • Slang abbreviation for “kimosabe”, which is translated from the Native American language Potawatomi as “trusty Scout” or “faithful buddy”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Billy Washington)
  • Kimo is Hawaiian for James. Hawaiian term meaning to hit or stab. It is also a hawaiian sport. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Maxwell)